Light Pollution Analysis by using Night Time Light Data: A Review


Author : Deepanshi Singh

Abstract : Light pollution is the modification of natural light in the dark environment created by initiation of artificial light. There are evidences that artificial lighting of the day produces serious consequence to human health and environment. Artificial lighting has become an essential to ease in human activity at dark time. Light pollution is the most rapidly growing environmental problem. The extension of human malignancy within and near natural occupancy, due to which frangible ecosystems are exposed to artificial night light. Expansion and development in urban areas and air pollution are main reasons for increasing light pollution. Now the smog and haze is also a part of light pollution. A small interference of artificial light with the natural night time light disturbs the fragile balance, change the sky color, and engulf the starlight. The study aims to analyses the light pollution in some selected areas. The Night Time Light data obtained from the NOAA VIIRS and DMPS (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) will help in carrying out the quantitative study about light intensity at given time. In India, it is high time to take Light pollution more seriously. And there is also need for proper guidelines and norms to limit the light pollution.

Keywords : Light Pollution, Artificial Light, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, Night Time Light Data

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