2020 Volume 1, Issue 2


Author : Dr.N.Kamala, M.Maheswari

Work Life Balance has gotten perhaps the most issue nowadays in each instructive establishment. There is a need to realize the offset degree of educators with respect to both their work and family or individual life. In the event that the work life is acceptable, the working of the establishment will be in a smooth and appropriate way. This investigation will help educators on adjusting towards work – life. Both vocation improvement on one side and the family care on the opposite side, it is important to know how the individuals balance the expert requests and household impulses. Instructors in India have broken hindrances and fabricated scaffolds in the expert level structures. Work-life balance centers around two primary viewpoints called accomplishment and pleasure. This implies an instructor ought to have the option to have work fulfillment (Enjoyment) and simultaneously have the option to experience childhood in his vocation (Achievement) when a working educator can accomplish and appreciate the expert and individual life; it implies they have a positive Work-Life Balance.


Author : Dr.(Smt)N.Kamala, Smt. S.Arumuga Selvi,

Advertisement plays an important role in the marketing field. Nowadays people's mind set will be changed so that a particular product will not be advertised means all of us are considered that the product is not a standard one. This study analyzes the various opinions towards advertisement in the consumer’s point of view. This research considers 60 respondents as sample information collected from them and analyzed through the spss package. The main objective of the study is to know about how advertising influences consumers' mind to purchase the products. Various statistical tools like Garrett’s ranking technique, likert scale and paired T test used to analyse the collected data. This study concludes that advertisement creates a strong emotional impact in the mind of the consumers. That is consumers believe the advertisements contents so the creators responsibility is increased in the way to display the real one in their advertisements. Keywords: Consumer attitude, Media, technology, buying behavior.


Author : Dr.(Smt)A. Aruna devi, Smt. P. Nandhini

The focal topic of this suggestion is the connection among saving and financial development and focuses on gave that a thorough examination of this relationship, both hypothetically and exactly. I dread with an overall discussion of financial development hypothesis, with bizarre thought to the job of saving in these models. Current a few experiential investigations with regularly modestly extraordinary information gatherings. The exact piece of this hypothesis contains a Granger causality study and diverse board information examines. As to causality part, cheap that a lion's share of the nations in the informational collection show a causal connection between net homegrown saving and genuine per capita monetary development, however the way is vague. The board information considers show that saving has a positive huge impact on financial development. I development that the gross homegrown saving rate unquestionably influences the genuine per capita monetary development rate. At the point when I division the saving rate into private and public saving, the outcomes show that public saving has a positive critical impact on monetary development.

A Study on Prospects and Challenges of Social Media Advertising

Author : P.Maheswari, S.Gayathri

Information Technology’s advancements are revolutionizing every business and firms. Social media marketing is the process of gaining awareness, driving traffic and engaging your customers and prospects using social media channels. Despite the current boom of Social networking sites for marketing, this study reveals that effectiveness of advertising through social networking sites. However, a Social networking site provides the ideal platform for direct communication between organizations and customers. Marketing on social network sites has to follow new rules and principles and each organization has to clearly determine if social media marketing is appropriate for them or not. Communication through internet is more specified, with effective interactive strategy among its users. In recent days, internet advertising has taken new forms which have more advantages over the traditional mediums like print media, television and radio.


Author : Prof. Raghuvinder Singh, Mamta Kumari

This paper briefly outlines the condition of migrant labour in India. Migration could be a world truth that is caused not solely by economic, however conjointly political, social, cultural, environmental, health, instructional and transportation factors. This is usually due to the lack of opportunity in a socio-economic situation and due to the drag factors. That exists in the most developed areas. One major reason why workers migrate from one region to another is in search of work. This paper discusses the potential impact of the labour migration, to his family members and to the source areas and destination. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the causes, its effects, trends and patterns of migration in India.

Converging the Neutrino mass limit: An experimental approach

Author : Athar Ahmad, Naila Islam

Neutrinos are the second most abundant particle in the universe. Since the last 50 years, Neutrino physics has been a source of limelight in modern physics because of the incredible characteristics of this elusive particle. According to the basic postulates of the Standard Model of particle physics neutrinos were assumed to be massless, but the results inferred from the experiments conducted in the past few years in the field of neutrino physics have concluded that neutrinos have a finite mass. In this paper we have discussed the various experiments conducted in the past which have tried to set an experimental limit on the absolute neutrino masses. Further, the future experiments which are expected to bring these limits to the sub eV regime are also discussed.


Author : Binshad

Managing an organization with a large number of employees belonging from different cultures and backgrounds is a challenging aspect for a leader. A lot more responsibilities have been there for a leader starting from managing teamwork to resolving conflicts and effective decision-making. Effective leadership may benefit business organizations in various ways. One of such benefits includes resolving conflict or organizational problems. Organizations nowadays are hiring employees with strong interpersonal skills that will help in managing organizational problems. Adaptive leadership is one of the styles that deals with resolving organizational problems effectively. Leaders must be adaptive to change, address challenges by providing effective solutions (Johnson-Kanda and Yawson, 2018).

A Study on Consumer Preference towards Household Electronic Products from Retail Shops in Thoothukudi District

Author : Dr. A. Aruna Devi, M.Deena

This paper discusses the buying behavior of consumers from retail shops in Thoothukudi District. Retail shops play a vital role in increasing the volume of sales of household electronic products. This paper elaborately discusses how far the repeated advertisement helps in inducing the purchase among consumers. It also analyzes whether attractive packages have any influence on buying behaviour of the consumers, above mentioned things are all the various events going to be analyzed in this paper.


Author : Dr. A. Aruna Devi, S. Selvakumari

In modern marketing world companies are introduce and promote the product in the market. In that promotion the enterprises use the celebrity to intimate the advertisement because the consumer wants to attract with the advertisement by using these methods. The study focuses on impact of celebrity advertisement in media with reference to consumer products in Tirunelveli district. Throughout this study 184 respondents are taken. Statistical analysis tools like percentage analysis, chi-square test, Anova. The result indicates that impact of celebrity in advertisement is increase in rural


Author : Prerana Talwar

Numerous scientists, specialists and tree huggers are communicating profound worries about changes in the general environment of the planet. Petroleum products are in effect ceaselessly used to deliver power. The consuming of these powers produces gases like carbon dioxide, me-thane and nitrous oxides which lead to a dangerous atmospheric deviation. Deforestation is like-wise prompting hotter temperatures. The danger of a worldwide temperature alteration is persis-tently making significant harm the Earth's current circumstance. The vast majority are as yet igno-rant of a worldwide temperature alteration and don't believe it to be a major issue in years to come. What the vast majority don't comprehend is that an Earth-wide temperature boost is right now occurring, and we are as of now encountering a portion of its wilting impacts. It is and will seriously influence environments and upset natural equilibrium. On account of the slippery im-pacts of an Earth-wide temperature boost, a few arrangements should be contrived. The paper pre-sents a dangerous atmospheric deviation, expounds its causes and perils and presents a few an-swers for settle this hot issue. Most importantly, elective fuel sources (sun based, wind, hydro, ge-othermal, bio mass) should be truly sought after. Finding and utilizing inexhaustible wellsprings of energy is one of the strategies to battle the always expanding an unnatural weather change suc-cessfully.

Effect of pore water in the powered sample extracted from cement from the site

Author : Kriti Agnihotri

The analysis of cement powder extracted from cement mortar is reviewed. The pH of the pore solution is the main parameter of the durability of reinforced concrete structures. A higher pH in the concrete prevents reinforcement from corroding. A pH of 12.5 is obtained if the solution is saturated with calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)₂ one of the principal products of cement hydration. When pH reaches ~10 or below, then steel reinforcement is no longer protected against corrosion. This might be possible during exposure to freshwater and, alkalis can leach and the pH of the pore solution will decrease. Here we have done a chemical analysis of powder sample extracted from cement from the site using the ex-situ leaching (ESL) method. It basically involves four steps i.e. (1) grinding the concrete to powder (here in this report we have taken a powdered sample from the site). (2) Leaching the powdered sample by putting some known amount of water for some time. (3) Separating the liquid from that solid powder sample with the use of filter paper (4) Analyzing the extracted solution. The main principle of ex-situ leaching is to extract the elements present in powder solution. Here we are using the cold-wa t er extraction method and taken L/S (liquid to solid) ratio to vary, one can take particle size or leaching time as a variable quantity. We have taken eight site samples for testing shown in fig. (1). Each sample has been tested three times to minimize the errors. The main aim of the present investigation is to analyze the powder sample. Results from the study indicated that the powder sample we are using contains some basic elements which is the main reason for corrosion in the reinforced bars containing cement mortars and when reacts with water, even after drying some molecules of water are leftover inside the pore structure which reacts with the cement and causes corrosion.

Light Pollution Analysis by using Night Time Light Data: A Review

Author : Deepanshi Singh

Light pollution is the modification of natural light in the dark environment created by initiation of artificial light. There are evidences that artificial lighting of the day produces serious consequence to human health and environment. Artificial lighting has become an essential to ease in human activity at dark time. Light pollution is the most rapidly growing environmental problem. The extension of human malignancy within and near natural occupancy, due to which frangible ecosystems are exposed to artificial night light. Expansion and development in urban areas and air pollution are main reasons for increasing light pollution. Now the smog and haze is also a part of light pollution. A small interference of artificial light with the natural night time light disturbs the fragile balance, change the sky color, and engulf the starlight. The study aims to analyses the light pollution in some selected areas. The Night Time Light data obtained from the NOAA VIIRS and DMPS (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) will help in carrying out the quantitative study about light intensity at given time. In India, it is high time to take Light pollution more seriously. And there is also need for proper guidelines and norms to limit the light pollution.

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