2020 Volume 1, Issue 1


Author : Syed Abdullah Hussain, Ritwika Guha

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death within the world. Biomarkers are a novel approach to detect cancer in different stages of cancer including its progression and spread. They are an efficient tool for its ability for a premature indication of cancer progression. Biomarkers are selected to be easily detected, measurable across all populations, and early detection in the spread of the tumor. It can also be used to identify high-risk individuals and monitoring the risk factor associated with cancer. They can be cellular, biochemical, or molecular alterations by which both a normal and an abnormal biological...


Author : Ritwika Guha, Syed Abdullah Hussain

Biosensor technology deals with the rapid and precise sensing equipment which consists of a small microchip integrated with a biological receptor to analyze a certain set of parameters which may be physical, chemical, or biological and offers better build, safer, long-lasting, cost-effective smart products. The biosensor is a potential analytical device, which is used as a biological element to interact with analytes. Changes in normal physiology or behavioral patterns measured by biosensors may indicate stress or pathology, particularly when associated with environmental change or known production stress...

A Review of Energetic and Sluggish Linux Distribution

Author : Gurjeet Kaur

Linux is a popular open-source and successfully running operating system. Their users are increased day by day. There is hundreds of Linux operating system available in the world. Each version of Linux is known as Linux distribution. For a user, it is very confusing to choose the perfect Linux operating system. So, questions arise, what are Linux distributions? How one should chose Linux distributions? In this article, I will try to answer these questions and present the way to choose the Linux distro...

SHIELD-An Electronic Bag for Women Safety

Author : Vaishnavi A Desai, Shruthi T V, Sujatha S Badiger, Veda N V, Prof. Kavithadevi C S

Thousands of people (mainly women) are daily mistreated and abused in day to day life. In this sense, electronic surveillance can be an efficient tool for helping to guarantee the safety of victims. This paper presents a promising approach to make technology adaptable to people to solve the challenge of protecting oneself, developing strategies that allow early detection. The gadget is an integrated solution designed for improving the protection of mistreated and at-risk people employing the integration of GPS, GPRS technologies. The rules are quick actions and make ourselves a way to escape from the situation...

Magnetic Properties of Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol Doped with Some Lanthanides

Author : Nihal Ramsingar Mishra, Department of Applied Chemistry.

Polymers are the most important in today's generation. The paper mainly focuses on basic principles of preparation techniques of modified polyvinyl alcohol with Lanthanides the newly synthesized MPVA and doped MPVA. Magnetic properties are determined by Magnetometry (VSM). The term "Polymer" is derived from the ancient Greek word Polus, meaning "many, much" and meros meaning "parts and refer to a molecule whose ...

Fluorescence’s based sensor Mask

Author : Karishma Sharma

Global pandemics had brought many changes in human way of living that hazardously affect the livelihood so any strategy towards treating this pandemic seems very tiny while dealing with COVID-19 PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) like masks, ventilators, rapid diagnostic testing facilities that are pre-requisitely require in extraordinary quantities etc. Even though the pandemics brought huge loss to humanity but they created a window to new opportunities. Dynamic invention along with scientific discovery in the PPE’s category contributing to rapid diagnostic testing that can be applied with rigorous efforts to take part in it...

Review on Antioxidant property of Therapeutic Plants (Withania coagulans, Cestrum nocturnum, Cymbopogon citratus and Catharanthus roseus)

Author : Shailesh Yadav, Arti Singh, Akash Tripathi, Dr. Vinay Dwivedi

The therapeutic plants have bioactive mixes which give them one of a kind properties against various ailments. The point of this examination was to decide the cancer prevention agent and free radicals searching exercises of therapeutic plants, for example, Withania coagulans, Cestrum nocturnum, Cymbopogon citratus and Catharanthus roseus. The cell reinforcement and free radicals rummaging property was assessed utilizing the 2, 2 Diphenyl- 1-Picrylhydrazyl, Hydrogen peroxide searching, hydroxyl radicals rummaging...

Role of Ashwagandha in treating many severe diseases(A Review)

Author : Tanya Srivastava, Akash Tripathi, Er.Gaurav Verma ,Dr. Vinay Dwivedi

Ashwagandha, otherwise called withania somnifera, is a herb with a long history of utilization in the customary medication arrangement of India - Ayurveda. Customary utilizations are wide and fluctuated, anyway its notoriety for being a powerful and safe approach to by and large increment wellbeing and prosperity, increment drive and safe capacity, and abatement stress is making it outstanding amongst other known Ayurvedic herbs in the West. Its developing fame has lead to a quick increment being used both via prepared cultivators and through self- prescription, making a logical appraisal of its adequacy and wellbeing exceptionally important...

Experimental Review on Conversion of Plastics into Biofuel by the virtue of Pyrolysis

Author : Akash Tripathi, Tanya Srivastava Er.Gaurav verma .Dr.Vinay Dwivedi

The point of this exploration was to consider fuel oil creation from city plastic squanders by consecutive pyrolysis and synergist transforming forms. Three sorts of civil plastic squanders were gathered from the last removal site and the little reusing organization in Kanpur.UP India . Business Y-zcolitc and normal zeolite impetuses were utilized in this investigation. The outcomes show that the feedstock types emphatically influence the item yields and the nature of fluid and strong items. HDPE squander created the most elevated fluid portion. The impetus existences diminished the fluid portion and expanded the vaporous division...



Rapid Industrialization and population explosion in India has led to the migration of people from villages to city which increases human settlement in India’s growing cities and town. This generates several issues concerning the environment. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is becoming a very vital study before the commissioning of any project, plan, or development in addressing the environmental issues in our country. EIA is considered the starting point in the process of implementing sustainable development agendas. Undertaking EC for the construction industry and improving site management can reduce environmental impacts both on and offsite.

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